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The final video from my collection showing the days from 1958

A look at the days of 1958 when trains were trains and not buses yes Steam trains The backbone of the UK in the days of steam

Concert at Olavs Pub Trondheim 14.nov.2009

continude part four of 1958 days in steam

Railway Roundabout 1958 'The Cardigan branch'

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Now we come to the Cardigan branch that runs in rural South Wales with Fishguard harbour nearby to the west, more on which, next vid. All...

Steam Train Betchworth Surrey 19th Dec 2009

"Aladdin's Secret Voyage"... a one minute journey through the show as a preview...

Bobby Limb's show business career began in 1941, at the age of 17, when he became a saxophone player with various dance bands around Adelaide. His...

Trains mainly in The Lune gorge taken on the 20/06/09.

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Trains mainly in The Lune gorge taken on the 20/06/09. Please rate and coment !

My little Halloween video that I made last month. Enjoy!! After this was a success, I've already came up with another one ready for next year,...

Some 214 BB Pipe Band cine footage shot at the World Pipe Band Championships in Belfast in 1962. (footage shows 1961 which is incorrect)

Testing the chassis of a 4mm scale model of LBSCR Billington D3 tank engine built to EM (18.2mm) gauge

Rod Mason - Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me.mpg

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What it says the end of Steam travel get rid of the dirty coal and get dirty diesel instead ,at least the Steam trains were alive.

Concierto de jazz fusión con el Dr. jazz el dia 8 de Mayo del 2011 en la colonia Lomas lindas dentro del festival Aguablanca2011

Railway Roundabout 1959 'S.L.S Special To Harbourne'

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Now for a S.L.S special from Birmingham New Street to Harbourne along the now closed Harbourne branch. The line was independently owned, but was...

Railway Roundabout 1958 'The 'Bristolian' in the days of steam'

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Here we come to the Bristolian, one of a few named expresses the GWR ran, this one travelling between Bristol Temple Meeds and...

I made this film over several visits to Carnforth, Lostock Hall and Rose Grove in the spring and early summer of 1968.

aka. The Hover-Train-Jetplane Download:

A little footage of Private Railways with real trains steam of course

part one of two a journey from london to scotland by steam train ,none stop with a refuel of water while moving at speed

Railway Roundabout 1959 'Thornaby Motive Power Depot'

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Now onto our second shed visit, the now closed Thornaby Motive Power Depot. This was one of the last built built steam sheds where we see a few...

A few Southern style items have an airing, including the E2 and Hornby's curious 0-4-0 tank engine. I didn't film the green engine start up, there...

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